You Probably Have a Few Questions…


I start blogs, or have a blog idea, every. other. day. My brain runs a million miles a minute. I am constantly blurting out ideas to anyone who will listen

Study abroad in Argentina? Blog for that. Move to Asia for a year to party and travel? HELL YEAH, blog for that. I actually posted in the second one more regularly than the first. Still, I could never pony up behind a blog idea (or plan for one, for that matter) that I enjoyed.

One night, per usual, I couldn’t sleep. I don’t sleep quite often, but this night was especially tough for me. I rolled around. I had just finished my book Bag of Bones a little bit earlier and was still book-hangovering. I book-hangover often and will probably mention in throughout my posts. Bag of Bones was such a damn good book. Moving on to the next book from that emotionally wrecking read was a bit difficult.

So here I am, laying wide awake in bed, my husband snoring away beside me, and I started thinking about our big trip in April of 2017. We are heading to Europe for two weeks to go on a grand adventure. I had recently discovered that one of my all time favorite historical fiction series takes place near Munich (where we are spending the second week of our trip).

I was so excited that I would get to see the places described in the book! I couldn’t wait to take photos, to explore the places I’d read about. Then it hit me. Hard. I love to read. I love to write. I love to travel. Why have I not started exploring the places that I’ve read about? Hell, damn near all my Europe adventure is planned around a book. Side note: my husband and I are going to see The Cursed Child in London- the entire reason for the trip in the first place.

Then I realized that nearly every memory I have while traveling, I associate with a book. From laying out in the Rice Terraces of Ifugao reading  World Without End or flying home from Bali and spontaneously buying Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children from the airport book store at 5 am. I read nearly half of the book before my 9:30 am flight that was delayed, last minute, because of mechanical failure. Slightly terrifying, considering we were about 2 minutes from take off.

Laying on the beach of Gili Trawangan……..with a book. Shantaram! Not a tiny book to pack along to Gili!!

These are just two of my vivid memories of traveling with my nose in a book. From childhood until now, I can not think of many adventures I’ve gone on without a book, or four books, in my bag. So I came up with Book Nerd, Will Travel. My exploration of books and the adventures that I go on because of books… both in my head and out.

I mean, just opening a new book is an adventure all its own, right?

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