A Taste of Monterey

When I get to spend time away, my soul is on fire.

My husband and I rarely get days off together. He works in the service industry and I work for a nonprofit. This weekend he was finally able to get Saturday and Sunday off. On a whim Friday night, we decided to book a room and head to the beach for a day.

We weren’t disappointed. But we were definitely drunk.

Stop 3 or 4. It’s all a blur.

Before I wined away all my problems, husband and I talked about this blog and what I wanted to come of it. I love to write. I love to read. I love to explore. Being a book nerd is a title I do not take lightly.

My bookish ways comes in waves. One month I will power through six epics. Another month I would be lucky to get through a 250pager. Which is why I hope I stick with this. Writing about my adventures and my books are two things that consistently keep my attention- which is difficult considering I have ADHD. Bear with me.

I have lots of plans and ideas for what this little adventure will become. It is the first time I actually sat down and wrote up an entire game plan. This is just the beginning. Until then


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