Bookish Resolutions

Thank goodness dumpster fire 2016 is over.


I apologize if it was a great year for you because 2016 was tough on me. I lost my dear Aunt and one of my all-time favorite actors passed away  Alan Rickman). Politics ruined all things fun, something I only thought studying Anthropology could do….

I was so wrong.

2016 was a bit of a roller coaster in more ways than one.

Before I launch into my goals for the New Year, I want to reflect on a few of the positives of 2016 (it wasn’t all negative, I promise!):

  • My fantastic new job. I seriously love it.
  • 4.0 all year at grad school. And my first A+ for a course!!!
  • Wine tasting for the first time ever,  didn’t make it beyond vineyard #2- no regrets.
  • Spending my birthday dancing to The Chainsmokers in  Las Vegas with my three best friends.
  • Leo finally won that Oscar even though he simultaneously may have opened the portal to hell.

Now that’s out of the way let’s get on to my 2017 goals. I’m going to be completely honest with you- these are both bookish and non-bookish.

  • Read every damn day

This is a goal that I had a tough time with in the past. I would try to attach a number to any amount of reading and it did not work for me. So reading, even the tiniest amount, every day, feels like a good start. Maybe I’ll start with 10 pages a day, maybe 30, the possibilities are endless.

  • Eat more burritos.

I live in California. My current home is a hotbed of burrito goodness and I have not spent enough time or energy letting my taste buds explore such goodness. I mean burrito as a fluid being. This could be Mexican burritos, home made burritos, sushiritos. As long as it is wrapped and portable and makes my soul happy.  BRING ON ALL ALL THE BURRITOS, 2017! MY BODY IS READY.

Please enjoy my niece eating a burrito.

  • Finish a book a month

This goal is pretty vanilla, but important. I know that with some books I power through in a matter of days (NOS4A2 , The Troop) and others I take MONTHS (The Terror). I think putting a time line on finishing books is a good thing. Especially with my book ADHD. It’s a real thing. I swear. I have plenty of half finished books I can power through to achieve my goal. All that aside, I really do appreciate and love reading. Something about a book is so comforting to me.

  • Pet all the dogs

I am 110% a dog person. I love cats, don’t get me wrong, I really love cats, but something about dogs just reaches deep down into the depths of my being. So I have a goal to (safely) give more love to these gifts to man. I have two furbabies of my own, Mozzarella and JackJack,  and I will probably talk about them frequently because they give me life. I say goodbye to them in the morning when I leave for work and tell them I have to go to work to “bring home the beggin’ strips”. They are truly my children.

Look at these precious babies.

So there it is. Over the year I am sure these goals with adapt with whatever life throws at me- especially because I am a grad student and I work full time…

Time to go get lost in The Gunslinger until I fall asleep!


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