“Love and Dying Have Been My Life”

It. Happened.

I finished the Gunslinger tonight. Phew. Where do I even start?  Ok. Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

That. Was. Tough.

And this is coming from a die-hard King fan.

I started reading Stephen back in middle school. I can vividly remember going on a family camping trip and opting to stay behind during an outing because I was too engrossed in The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon to leave the camp ground. Still, I can remember laying in the sun on that asphalt and being completely terrified over being lost in the woods. I WAS IN THE WOODS, WITH MY FAMILY, READING THIS DAMN BOOK. And that King voyage was just scratching the surface. I think my next read was IT (I may be mixing up the reading timeline of these two, but they were read close together).  This girl didn’t use the bathroom for nearly a week without every light in a 25 foot radius on.

Christmas Eve, before we lost power.

This was the first King book I nearly abandoned. But now, I am so glad I didn’t. To be completely honest, the first 100 pages had me in deep. I mean, deep. This bad-ass gunslinger navigating his way through an apocalyptic waste land? Psh, your girl is sold.

I was all about this journey.. At about 120 pages in I felt, well, as lost as the Gunslinger. I guess I knew where this was heading-towards The Dark Tower and the bro in black, but I could not empathize with the struggle any more. Then the little boy. I thought we’ve all learned our lessons about kids. Apparently not. I powered on.

This book took me about a month to finish. I definitely thought it was going to be an easy 200 pageish read. Wrong.  Not only that, but every time I sat down to finish it something in my life would come up. Christmas Eve I traditionally try to read a book in one sitting. I was already about 60 pages in and sat down to read more when my house randomly lost power. This happened again just yesterday, in the middle of a huge rain storm in the Bay.

Everything aside, I was pleasantly surprised at the end. Will I read the next installment? You bet your ass. Not only that, but I am over the moon  to see the movie. Idris Elba is one of my biggest crushes. I could not imagine a better Gunslinger. This is going to be THE BEST.

My first review! My first finished book of 2017! I’ve already slightly dented my TBR pile. If you need to check that out again -> January TBR Pile.  I may need to add a couple of extras to the end of that tiny list. My Harry Potter chapter a day is proving more difficult than expected. Namely because I have zero self control and one chapter of Harry Potter at a time is damn near impossible. I need to write about that struggle in itself….

On to the next great adventure, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Can you guess where I am off to in a couple of weeks?

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