Power’s Out. Suit up Books.

The power is out in my house once again. This is the second time in a month that we’ve completely lost power without the fix being an easy one. C’est La Vie. My in laws were gracious enough to take me in for the evening. I am trying to charge up all my electronics in their house and then I’ll head back out to crash in my bed with my puppers.

I’m currently on their plaid couch. Reflecting on the day. On how when the lights started flickering up stairs I muttered, “oh shit” before the lights blew. I heard the pop. We are in the middle of crazy rain storm. One that will supposedly bring rain to the area for the next five days straight. My husband also totally jinxed us this morning when he was telling mom how happy he was to have  electricity.  I blame this entirely on him. No, actually.

But anyway. I spent most of tonight hanging out in my in-laws house. They let me use their bathtub because I’d just finished a tough work out right (training for a trail race!) around the time the lights flickered and went out.

I grabbed my books and settled in.

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