May TBR & Europe Recap!

I’m coming off of an April HIGH


That’s right y’all! I finally made it to Warner Brother’s studio tour in London for my Harry Potter Pilgrimage trip! My husband and I spent two amazing weeks running around Europe, visiting everything Harry Potter, and seeing The Cursed Child live at Palace Theatre!

 The show exceeded my expectations. JK truly outdid herself. The magic felt so, so alive. To say The Cursed Child was perfect would be an understatement. I know the script got a lot of flack after it was released. I didn’t read it before the show (and thanks for #keepingthesecrets), but I can tell you that the story was definitely meant to be watched on a stage.

We spent a week in London and then visited Munich, Dachau and Salzburg. We attended a German Festival, Fruehlingsfest , which obviously meant that I needed to dress up and enjoy the local brews! Imagine 12 hours of sitting at the same table with a bunch of German early 20 somethings, singing, drinking and dancing. It was so fun. Seriously, I forgot how incredibly beautiful Europe is…. even though it snowed on us! Twice!

I actually finished The Sugar Men on my train ride from Munich to Salzburg. A quick and sad read about a young girl that survives the Holocaust. I recommend it if you enjoy reading books on that time.

My May TBR:

This month’s TBR pile is rather small. I decided I wanted to get through Kindle books that may or may not be stockpiled on my kindle right now. No regrets. So, without further ado Jessie’s May TBR:

  1.  A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. I started reading this book during the Litsy Spring Cleaning Readathon. I was sucked in after the first page. I love Ove, even if he’s a grouchy old man!
  2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K.. Rowling. I want to pick back up the Harry Potter Chapter a Day challenge. I read the first book again in January and damn was it good timing. I needed Dumbledore wisdom that month something fierce. I’ve obviously read this book one hundred times (if not more), but after my trip I want to read all of them again.
  3. Congo by Michael Crichton. I am a big Crichton fan. This book has been on my Kindle shelf for far, far too long.
  4. Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. I started reading this years ago… and then lost the book. I want to just start this bad boy back up. This book is an undertaking (936 PAGES!) but, I like big books and I cannot lie.

What is your TBR pile for May!? Anything good or exciting? Share with me in the comments below!

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