5 Books I Can’t Wait to Share With My Niece

 I have the world’s cutest niece.


Ok, maybe I also have a little bit of a bias, but she is pretty dang cute! I still remember when I got the phone call that my little sister was pregnant. I was slightly shocked, and incredibly excited… I was going to be an auntie! Not only was I going to be an auntie, but I was going to be the crazy auntie.  I was determined to! You all know the one I’m taking about.

The day we met for the first time.

I don’t get to hang out with the sweet little nugget quite as much as I wish I could. We live in different states, but when we do I spoil that kid! She is so intelligent for a little one… I swear they just keep getting smarter and smarter every year!

Watching this kiddo grow has been incredibly fun. With all the growing come things I am so excited to share with her. Like my love of adventures. You can bet I will be taking her on an adventure of her own some day….


One other thing I can’t wait to share is my love of books, the adventures I can take no matter the circumstance. I started reading young and it grew into  a huge passion. I only hope I can impart that kind of love on this little one.

So, Here are 5 books I can’t wait to share with her over the years:

Right Away:

  • The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

Dr.Seuss is my jam. And The Lorax happens to be my absolute favorite of his. He has so many lessons to share with young readers. There is something very important to be said about a shortish, oldish, brownish, mossy little creature that teaches you the true meaning of UNLESS.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.
  • Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

While I could’ve narrowed down probably 100 children’s books I would love to share with my niece (and trust me, I have at least that many because children’s books are amazing) Where The Wild Things Are took my #2 spot. To this day, I still love this book. I think we all have a little mischievous Max deep down inside. Max’s grand adventure and consequential realization that home is truly where he belongs still resonates with me. The story is also deeply sentimental: my sister and I used to watch the animated version at my grandparents’ house when we were little ones as well.

Family ❤

In  a few years:

  • The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle

Sherlock Holmes! Mystery! Horror! A murder most foul! I credit this book as the ‘book that made me love reading’. Sorry Harry Potter, but Sherlock Holmes had me spellbound from page one which leads me to the next book I can hardly wait to share with her….

  • Harry Potter (all of them!) by J.k. Rowling
The day so many dreams came true and a lot of crying happened.

Well, duh. Harry is like family to me. My Papa gave me The Sorcerer’s Stone right before my 11th birthday. Something I will forever be grateful for. My Papa can’t speak any more due to a stroke. Harry has been a comfort since Papa’s illness began. You can bet that I will be reading that kid Harry Potter or sending her Harry Potter things when the time is right. I can’t wait to see what house she’s in!

In the Distant (and I mean DISTANT) Future:

  • IT by Stephen King

Y’all didn’t really think I’d do a book list post without adding at least one Stephen King book, did you?! It was the first King book I ever picked up. And oh my goodness was I scared! Imagine 13 year old me, terrified to go to the bathroom without every single light on and the door open for WEEKS. It made me fall in love with Stephen King and I haven’t abandoned him since. Luckily, her mom and I both deeply love the horror genre so I don’t think this book share will be too hard of a sell when the time is right!


I hate seeing her grow up so fast, but I can’t to share things I love with her! Obviously there are many, many more books I will share with her, but I can’t list them all in one post. These 5 are the ones that stick out.

What books can you not wait to share with the littles in your life?! Let me know below.

Until the next adventure!

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