Music and Books

Reading, Music and Adventure are nearly synonymous in my world


I should begin this with a little of a disclaimer: I define Adventure incredibly loosely. According to the dictionary, an “adventure is an exciting or unusual experience”. Adventure is also technically a noun, but everyone knows it is my favorite verb.

I let a friend convince me to WALK up Victoria Peak in Hong Kong.

I almost always listen to music when I read or work. Music is the second to books in defining my adventures; often books, music, and memories go hand in hand. Much like the books I read, I attach songs to places and events. In a way, I think they are both my brain’s adaptation to memory

I was listening to Shaggy’s Hotshot album the day my first boyfriend broke up with me. Half because it was a great album and half because I scratched my N’SYNC No Strings Attached CD.

My last day working in the field in the Philippines I was blasting The Priest and The Matador by Senses Fail. I was in complete awe of the world around me and so proud that I finished one of the physically toughest summers of my life.

You can see the tears in my eyes and ear bud in my ear. 🙂

On long road trips with my family, I would have my CDs ready, ear phones on, and a novel in my lap. Even now, 9 times out of 10, I will turn on something to match either my mood or the story I am reading and I’ll be the first to tell you, my taste in music is far more eclectic than my repertoire of books

Through almost all of Wild by Cheryl Strayed, I had intense movie scores in the background. Movie scores where the protagonist came out the victor and the ending happy.

-Quote from Cheryl Strayed, my new hero

For The Leisure Seeker by Michael Zadoorian I played piano music in the background while reading about Ella and John’s most excellent road trip.

Test this method of pairing music with written word if you’d like. Listen to dark movie scores the next time you read Stephen King (or anything creepy for that matter) and see how different the experience becomes!

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