In the Words of Brit, “It’s Been a While”

Well, here we are.

I’m pushing six months pregnant. I can’t roll over without sounding like a freight train. My boredom is luckily being saved by the fat TBR stack that I hoarded prior to having a kid and my Nintendo Switch (thank you video game gods).


A lot has happened in the last year. I spent six months in a depression spiral. I nearly died on my way to Oregon in March (thanks freak snowstorm!). I said goodbye to my grandparents’ 10 acres in the forest for the last time. In what I jokingly describe as “my moment of weakness”,* I decided to start a family and viola, here we are with a mini-us on the way.

*Disclaimer: this kiddo was very, very wanted. I am still in shock with how quickly everything happened. In the words of Kevin Malone, “It all happened so fast. So. Fast.”


I traveled to New York and announced that my family was growing at The Cursed Child. This announcement came to the shock of many- except for anyone that lived within a 100 mile radius of my parents because they shouted it from the rooftops the moment they discovered I was with child. Please re-read that last line in an extra dramatic voice.

I have been elated and  so very bored. I cried over a turkey sandwich. I cried over not being able to have a glass of wine on the anniversary of my Gram’s passing. I’ve laughed until my sides hurt and been absolutely terrified about becoming, *gasp*, a mother. 


I picked up and started writing in a journal again, which led me back here, somewhere that I loved to write and share. And since I’ve been reading a bit more in my second trimester (I was actually the human embodiment of a log in my first). I’m back. I’m ready to share my books and my adventures again. I had to restart somewhere.

So, this adventure is a little different than the rest. It’s a little bit of a detour, but it’s an adventure nonetheless.


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