Looking Towards 2019

I never imagined that 2019 would be the year of change and intention.

Here I am, so, so pregnant and shocked that I even type the word pregnant on a blog post. There won’t be a lot of fan fare or photos in this post, my apologies if that bores you this time around, but this post is for me to reflect on what I would love to come out of this monumental year of change

Intention #1: Give Myself a Break if I Do Not Reach My Goals

I said it. I don’t know how wildly my life is about to change in the next few weeks. I’ve got a TON of “just you waits”- which feel super condescending when other women tell you that. I understand that my world is about to be irrevocably shook, but let me figure that part of my existence out as the punches are thrown.

In that same breath, yes, this post is a post meant to remind myself of the things I hope to achieve this year, but to also give myself a little grace and be ok if I don’t hit every benchmark I set for myself.

Intention #2: Be Present While I Read

This is a huge intention that I know will be tough for me. My brain runs about a mile a second, but I tell you, when I am engrossed in a novel that sucks me in… it is like I am in an entirely different universe. But, sometimes I don’t let myself do that. Sometimes I let myself get distracted by a television or my phone or something else that can wait. This is something I intentionally want to stop this year. I want to be present. I want to be sucked into that entirely different universe for however long my mind will let me.

Goal 3: Finish What I Start

Although not my first intention on this list, this is my most important intention this year. Much of this has to do with my pregnancy: the last nine months truly is one of the first times I finish what I start. And you know what? It’s made me a better human. Being pregnant has taught me patience, humility, and the ability to recognize that I am capable of truly great and amazing things from start to finish! I have a track record of picking up a book, getting 1/2 way through and then abandoning said book for another book. So my #1 intention this year is to finish every book I start, no matter the length of time it takes me

Final Thoughts: 2019, Come At Me. I AM Ready (I Think)

I absolutely wanted to set “goals” this year. I wanted to put measurable numbers on those “goals” I have been thinking about for the last 8 days, but I knew that would stress me out too much if I did not reach the goals I set. Yes, I would like to finish at least two books a month. Yes, I want to read for 30 minutes a day (at least)….. but I am about to introduce a tiny human into this world… like really, really soon. And right now that is the first goal and only intention on my mind!

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