January Book List

My last day of work before Maternity leave was yesterday!

I thought it was supposed to be a joyous occasion, but as I was saying goodbye to my coworkers and the clients (I work with adults that have developmental disabilities), I started to get a little sad that I was not going to be seeing them for a while.

Then the next thought came boring down on me: what am I going to do with all this free time?!

Yes, I know a baby is about to take a lot of my time. And I know I am going to be exhausted, but also know I am the type of person that if there is any sort of down time, I need to fill it with something productive or

I constantly move. With the exception of parts of my pregnancy that relegated me to my bed taking many naps that I’ve skipped out on. I am already nervous about not working, my job is such a piece of me. So much so, that My husband started to make bets on how long I will last before I reach out to my boss and ask for something to do.

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