This Book Nerd.

My parents had a tough time with me when it came to family trips. They would tell me to pack it up and get ready to go. Me, being me of course, would hastily throw the things my parent’s deemed necessities into a bag haphazardly. Necessities of course being pants (my least favorite thing on this planet), some shirts…….hopefully I didn’t forget my toothbrush.

Book Nerding my first summer in the Philippines

Then  I would move on to what I considered necessities. My book. More like bookS. With a big S on the end for emphasis. I could never just bring ONE book with me. I needed to at least bring two, or three books depending on the length of the journey. By the time we would leave our house, a reasonable chunk of the weight of my bag were books I carefully stacked inside.


This little habit of  carrying books with me wherever I go never changed. Evolved maybe (thanks, glorious Ereaders!) but I firmly believe that books and traveling are synonymous. Nearly every where around this great big world that I’ve traveled I associate with a book. Either one I read while I was there, a book I bought there, or a place I visited specifically because I read about it in a book. From hiding in my room in the Philippines and reading The Stand, to memories of being in my parents’ old blue mini-van and devouring Sherlock Holmes in the backseat, books have always been steadfast companions on long journeys.

My 532 day way to see The Cursed child was finally over!

And that is how the idea for  Book Nerd, Will Travel came to me.

This book nerd wants to talk about the books she is reading, the books she’s devoured and all the places that go along with those books. And maybe a few tips, life updates, and tricks along the way….