New Year, Probably Old Me

2018 was a year for me. My life changed, drastically in a multitude of ways that I could never imagine. But here we are, nearly five days into 2019 and I have hung in there. I said goodbye to my grandparents, spreading their ashes across the property they built their home and lives on for…

In the Words of Brit, “It’s Been a While”

Well, here we are. I’m pushing six months pregnant. I can’t roll over without sounding like a freight train. My boredom is luckily being saved by the fat TBR stack that I hoarded prior to having a kid and my Nintendo Switch (thank you video game gods). A lot has happened in the last year….

Music and Books

Reading, Music and Adventure are nearly synonymous in my world

#TBT: That Time I Nearly Bailed on The Terror

I have to finish books. Maybe not right away, or in the timeline I want to finish a book,  but I absolutely must finish a book I start. This philosophy has lead me to books that were an absolute slog. I normally read other books in the mean time, but I will always come back to finish…

May TBR & Europe Recap!

I’m coming off of an April HIGH !  That’s right y’all! I finally made it to Warner Brother’s studio tour in London for my Harry Potter Pilgrimage trip! My husband and I spent two amazing weeks running around Europe, visiting everything Harry Potter, and seeing The Cursed Child live at Palace Theatre!  The show exceeded my expectations….

I Think I’m Getting the Fear

VEGASSSSSS Before I flew down for vacation, one of my superiors and I were talking about how much I love going to Vegas. I told her I was heading down to the city that never sleeps for 4 days with a couple of friends from middle school. She responded with a “You like to go…

Bookish Resolutions

Thank goodness dumpster fire 2016 is over. I apologize if it was a great year for you because 2016 was tough on me. I lost my dear Aunt and one of my all-time favorite actors passed away  Alan Rickman). Politics ruined all things fun, something I only thought studying Anthropology could do…. I was so…

A Taste of Monterey

My husband and I rarely get days off together. He works in the service industry and I work for a nonprofit. This weekend he was finally able to get Saturday and Sunday off. On a whim Friday night, we decided to book a room and head to the beach for a day.