The Null & Void

I’m always really confused on how to start a book review.

#TBT: That Time I Nearly Bailed on The Terror

I have to finish books. Maybe not right away, or in the timeline I want to finish a book,  but I absolutely must finish a book I start. This philosophy has lead me to books that were an absolute slog. I normally read other books in the mean time, but I will always come back to finish…

May TBR & Europe Recap!

I’m coming off of an April HIGH !  That’s right y’all! I finally made it to Warner Brother’s studio tour in London for my Harry Potter Pilgrimage trip! My husband and I spent two amazing weeks running around Europe, visiting everything Harry Potter, and seeing The Cursed Child live at Palace Theatre!  The show exceeded my expectations….

I Think I’m Getting the Fear

VEGASSSSSS Before I flew down for vacation, one of my superiors and I were talking about how much I love going to Vegas. I told her I was heading down to the city that never sleeps for 4 days with a couple of friends from middle school. She responded with a “You like to go…

And God Said, Let There Be Light!

We didn’t have power for nearly a week in my house. In one of the biggest rain storms in 10 years. In the dead of winter. Lord, help us.

Power’s Out. Suit up Books.

The power is out in my house once again. This is the second time in a month that we’ve completely lost power without the fix being an easy one. C’est La Vie. My in laws were gracious enough to take me in for the evening. I am trying to charge up all my electronics in their house and then I’ll head back out to crash in my bed with my puppers.

January TBR Pile




The to be read book pile (whether a physical book pile or virtual book pile) of a voracious reader. Particularly readers that impulse buy multiple books in one trip and haven’t finished their TBR pile from that previous impulse book haul. Like myself

Bookish Resolutions

Thank goodness dumpster fire 2016 is over. I apologize if it was a great year for you because 2016 was tough on me. I lost my dear Aunt and one of my all-time favorite actors passed away  Alan Rickman). Politics ruined all things fun, something I only thought studying Anthropology could do…. I was so…